About Company

The company prides itself on continuous development, design and manufacture of innovative products for the area and cellaring wine.



At the 42nd World's Fair of inventions and industrial innovations "Eureka" in Brussels in 1993, the owner of some of its products received the silver medal. The same award was given for some of its products and innovations at the fair in Nuremberg and at the Trade Fair in Celje. The most important recognition, but it has received for its innovative achievements, also domestic and foreign markets with a steady increase of orders.


The company sells its products greater trading houses, wholesalers, small agricultural trade, and now, the store also end-users.


Company products Biroplast, comply with all regulations and EU standards for plastic materials and are medically appropriate after 13 Article of the health of food and products that come into contact with foodstuffs (Official Gazette. RS 52/00 42/02 and the corresponding provisions of the Rules of articles and substances that come into contact with foodstuffs (Official Gazette. RS 98/02 75/03 44/04) for contact with the wine.


Production is located at I.C. STOL - Duplica in Kamnik.

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